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Welcome to Spanish Lawyer in the UK

I am an independent British and Spanish Lawyer working in the UK and Spain.
I am an expert in Spanish Law and I deal with all legal matters relating to Spanish Law and represent clients both in Spain and throughout the UK including England, Scotland and Wales.
If you have a legal issue requiring advice or representation in the Spanish legal system, I can help you, whether you are located in the UK or in Spain.
We also have an office in Spain.

We can help to get your money back
from Spanish Property Deposit Reclaim
and Spanish Mortgages

See our Reclaim website
or email us at info@spanishlawyersreclaims.co.uk

We just want to clarify that the Lawyers working in my Spanish practice are Enrique Sanchez, Ana Escauriaza and Pedro J. Padilla. Bear in mind that if you contract somebody else who is not a Spanish Lawyer you will not be protected by any professional body or insurance if something goes wrong.

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Commercial Property and general Business advice.
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Help with Spanish Property, including buying and selling.
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Legal help for Sports Professionals & Spanish Footballers in the UK.
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