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Inheritance & Gift Tax reclaim Spain - No Win No Fee

Please contact us for assistance.The Spanish Tax man is paying back now.

The law in Spain regulating inheritance and gift tax treated residents and non-residents differently until January 2015. Non-residents had to pay much higher taxes than no residents.

Therefore, according with European Court of Justice ruling from September 2014, if you did pay inheritance taxes in Spain within the last four years from today as non resident, as European you are entitled to make a claim to recover the taxes back plus 20% in legal interest.

We can assist you with our colleagues in Spain. We are confident to get the refund back.

Conditions for reclaiming Tax back

If all these criteria apply then there is a legal and financially viable reason to reclaim the Spanish inheritance tax paid.

If this applies to you and you would like to claim, you should contact us. Take with you a copy of form model 652 (inheritance tax declaration) and the inheritance title deeds

Please contact us to make a claim.